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Create great courses with guidance.

You want to create a great learning experience for your students, whether it's in the classroom or online. Great learning experiences come from well-planned lessons. Let Amelius help you build your course.

  • Create courses, lessons, and items quickly.
  • Set competencies for your courses, and ensure the activities you create are aligned.
  • Write lessons in plain text and see them transformed into HTML.
  • Assign point values, extra credit opportunities, and see at a glance how many total points your course has.
  • Keep notes for yourself about which lesson items worked, which ones didn't, and which ones will cause trouble for students.

Share your work with others

Everything you put into Amelius can come right back out, in a variety of ways.

  • View each lesson plan as Markdown or HTML Source
  • Copy pre-formatted text and paste into your LMS as HTML
  • Download your course as a Zip file containing every lesson item in Markdown format
  • Share your lesson plans with the pubic *
  • Share your lesson plans with a private link *
  • Export your course as a Common Cartridge file you can import into Moodle, Canvas, or other sytems *
* Premium plans only

It's your course, your idea, your content. Own it.

Don't build your course in a learning management system. They're cumbersome, and schools aren't afraid to make you move your content to a new one when the existing one becomes too hard to support.

Use Amelius to develop your course content with simple markup. Align content to core competencies, divide courses into lessons, and assign point values to learning activities and assessments.

Then, when your course is ready, share it, copy it, or export it to your LMS.

How does it work?

You create a course and assign competencies to the course. Then you create lessons and add items to the lessons. Each item can be aligned to a competency.

Course screen


Make great content quickly

Amelius is powered by Markdown, a simple language that transforms plain text into beautifully-formatted documents. As you edit in Markdown, a live preview shows you what you'll get.

Markdown is the key to the flexibility of this system. It's easy to learn and gives you total control.

Editing with Markdown


Manage lessons with ease

In a lesson, you can view your items, export them, see instructor notes, and see a summary of your lesson.

Course screen


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